St. Louis Parish has been a Catholic presence in Englewood, Colorado since July 11, 1911—more than a century, and is becoming evermore a sacrament (real presence) of Christ in the midst of this complex and secularized culture.


Daily Mass (Tuesday–Friday): 8 AM
Saturday: 5:00 PM
Sunday: 8:30 AM | 10:30 AM 
Croatian Language Mass – Once per month (call the Front Desk for more information)

Feast Days and Holy Days Mass Schedule: Call the parish office for these varying times. Thank you!


Tuesday–Friday, After 8 AM Mass
Saturdays, 3:30–4:30 PM (or by appointment)


The Respect Life Apostolate (RLA) promotes the Catholic Church’s teachings on respect for and legal protection of every human life from conception to natural death by coordinating educational, spiritual, pastoral, and public policy advocacy efforts with particular focus on those issues in the culture that threaten life – abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and unethical advances in scientific technology. At the entry to the St. Louis Church is a respect life memorial, mourning the deaths of children who died as a result of abortion.


100 Years of Prayer

When Father Louis Hagus said the first Mass for St. Louis Parish on July 11, 1911, the city of Englewood, the State of Colorado and even the world was a much different place. Broadway and the surrounding streets were still unpaved and there were no traffic lights to be found anywhere in the U.S. The city of Denver was founded just 53 years earlier and Colorado had only been a state for 35 years. The area surrounding our present-day church was originally part of the old Orchard Place settlement and was named Englewood, “wooded nook,” when a few early settlements officially incorporated as a city in 1903.

The most visible aspect of St. Louis Parish is our church at 3310 S. Sherman Street. Begun within a year of the founding of the parish, the church is more than bricks and mortar. It holds the hopes and dreams and sorrows of thousands of parishioners who have passed through its doors, provided funds for its construction and improvement over the years, and volunteered to hammer, paint and clean, plant and decorate for a century of celebrations.

The stained glass windows throughout the church were funded through parishioner contributions, and created by Creative Stained Glass Studios.


St. Louis hosts two schools in our facilities

  • Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Classical School – Pre-K Montessori to 8th grade (Pre-K through 6th grade on the St. Louis campus, in 2022/2023). For more information please apply online at or call 303-762-8307